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Brenda Taylor

Brenda was born in West Virginia but grew up in Baltimore Maryland. Her family roots were mostly in or near Pittsburg P.A., so She has been a Steeler every single day of her life.

Her first husband passed away 17 years ago.  She met Scott Taylor in Maryland. As Brenda says, he brought her to this here heaven on earth, Oregon. They’ve been married 14 years and have blended their 5 children and now 6 grandchildren together. Brenda stayed at home to raise their last 4 children. She spent three days a week caring for her one granddaughter and now two days a week of childcare for two grandsons. Her oldest grandson starts college this fall and the youngest is 2. Fortunately all their offspring now live in Eugene or Portland.

Brenda likes to garden, travel, hike, lift weights, and refinish furniture. She loves football, college and pro, cars and red wine from Paso Robles. She has dogs, cats, Koi and feeds all kinds of birds and squirrels in her backyard. Closest to her heart is taking a grandchild to see or do something for their very first time.     

You can contact Brenda at 541-485-1511 or at brenda@taylortapper.com