Please Note: These reviews are from some of our satisfied clients. However, no case is a guaranteed win, and every case depends on its own individual facts and the law applying to them. If you would like to discuss your case, please click the Contact Us Link at the bottom of the page.

"I contacted Taylor-Tapper attorneys because my insurance company was refusing to reimburse the majority of my expense incurred after a fire in a large commercial building. They successfully argued the case in federal court and I was pleased with the result. I appreciated that, during the whole process, they kept me informed of every step. I received emailed documents of every proceeding and negotiation leading up to the trial, usually on the same day that their office received or generated documents. They always made themselves available by phone to answer my questions, often in the evening, and took my concerns into consideration before every action." - Alan A. 

"After some construction on our house, our downstairs was flooded by an unconnected drain pipe.  We were at a loss. Our insurance carrier refused to cover us, the sub’s insurance company was ignoring us, and the contractor was playing hardball. We retained Taylor and Tapper, and are very happy with the result. Clint negotiated with the contractor and both of the insurance companies. He settled both claims quickly and reasonably, without having to go to Court. We are very thankful for their efforts and the good results." -Bob and Leslie M.

"After a warehouse fire destroyed my family business and personal property, Valley Property and Casualty Insurance Company denied my claim. After the denial, I went to Taylor & Tapper. It was a long fight, but they stuck with me every step of the way. They were a great help to me and my family through the whole process. My case went to trial, and the Jury awarded us $832,000.00, the maximum amount they could under the policy. Taylor & Tapper was awarded their attorney fees from the Insurance Company and we could not have been happier with the job they did for us." -Jerry and Debbie M.

"Clinton Tapper was able to recover a life insurance payout which the company refused to pay. He was easy to work with, clear, and I knew going in that he was fully committed, including going to court to get the money that the insurance company was trying to defraud our family of. Without his help, we would have received nothing. Thanks, Clint!" - Andy B. 

"After an arsonist burned my house down, West American Insurance Company accused me of setting the fire myself. They refused to pay me anything for the home or the stuff I lost. I went to Taylor & Tapper and we sued the insurance company. It was a long and hard fight, with the insurance company doing everything they could to make me look bad, but T&T were with me every step of the way. We took the case to Court and won a judgment for $178,000.00, and the Insurance Company had to pay all their fees." -Justin H.

"During an ice storm, Craig was involved in a small auto accident. The other driver sued Craig in Small Claims Court, and even though we have liability coverage, our insurance company refused to defend him. They told us to just go in and take whatever judgment the Court gave the other driver! We retained Clint and with one letter he got the insurance company to provide us with an attorney and defend us against the frivolous claim. We recommend Taylor & Tapper to anyone dealing with an insurance company that won’t honor its policy." -Craig and Amy L.

"My house caught fire a few days after Christmas, and I was totally overwhelmed. I was home when the fire started, and between the stress of the fire, medical problems from the smoke, and the insurance company not wanting to pay, I was feeling hopeless. I hired Clinton Tapper to represent me, and I could not be happier. He stood up to the insurance company and settled my case quickly and fairly. He listened to my concerns, and made sure I was taken care of. I would recommend Taylor and Tapper to anyone dealing with an insurance company that does not want to pay what they owe." -Jean M.

"My mom died with a small life insurance policy provided by her employer. The benefits were supposed to be split between her children, but the insurance company paid everything to my brother! I asked them to fix their mistake but they would not. I filed a small claims case, and they took me to Federal Court! It was scary, but I called Taylor & Tapper, and even though it was a small case, they took it and treated it like a big one. The insurance company settled, and I got what was due under my mom’s policy." -Client Name Withheld Per Terms of Settlement

"Ken’s long-term care insurance company tried to cancel his policy after one payment got lost in the mail. We had been paying the premiums on time for 20 years before that! After they cancelled the policy, we went to Taylor & Tapper. They did a great job, it’s pretty tough to fight an insurance company on your own, but they really helped us. We resolved our case with the insurance company and are very happy with our result." -Ken and Nancy F.

"When my wedding ring was damaged and Farmers Insurance refused to pay for it, I didn’t think I had any chance of getting it replaced. I went to Taylor and Tapper and got more for my ring than what I thought I would. They fought for me, worked with me and helped me in my case. I’d recommend them to anybody." -Marcella L.

"I just wanted to say thank you to both Scott Taylor and Clinton Tapper for their work on my insurance case. Due to extenuating circumstances, my claim for a fire loss at my business was denied. Scott and Clinton diligently held in there, filed suit and successfully negotiated a settlement before trial. I am very grateful for their help representing me." - Mark M.

"When I was getting the run around about a refund from my insurance carrier, I called Clinton Tapper to help me out. He wrote a letter to my carrier and got the situation taken care of. He kept me involved in the process and I was happy with the result." - Travis H.