What Are the Odds I'll Win? 


This is a natural question for any person considering representation – is this worth my time? Any lawyer who guarantees that you will win is being dishonest. We can never tell any client that their case is a sure thing. But comprehensively analyzing the facts of a case and evaluating the position of our clients is something at which we are highly skilled.

We consider our clients to be our partners, meaning that your risk is our risk and your success our success. This creates a situation in which we can be perfectly transparent about the strength of your position. When we take a case, it’s because we believe in it. And while we don’t make phony promises, the reason that we practice insurance law is that, by and large, we’re able to improve the lives of the people who walk through our door.

You should reach out to us and we can talk about the ins and outs of your situation.