Why Is My Insurance Company Fighting Me?


Insurance Carriers spend massive amounts of money every year telling people that they are good neighbors, that they are in good hands or that they are on their side. Yet often when one of their customers files a claim they feel helpless and out in the cold. This is because, despite the ads, Insurance Companies are for-profit companies, that make money by collecting as much in premiums as possible, while paying out as little in compensation as possible. Even if they can pay you just a few dollars less than they legally owe, they can do that thousands of times a day, and it adds up to a real difference for their bottom line. If you are lucky, you will only have a loss or two throughout your lifetime, while an insurance carrier will see hundreds and thousands of losses in a year.

The lawyers, adjustors, and insurance company staff that make this possible, create profit at the expense of their own customers. They are very good at this. They understand the intricacies of the policy you barely ever read and never hoped to need. You will hopefully only experience this once in your life, while insurance companies deal with this all day, every day. Sometimes you just need a little extra muscle to push back.